Our Mission and Invitation


The rainbow of the Laser Medicine World


Laser Florence 2019 is a traditional event, where leading experts in laser medicine and surgery coming from all over the world, meet each other.

The 2019 event is particularly rich in interesting topics, also because it hosts the quadriennial conference of World Federation of Laser Medicine and Surgery Societies and of International Society of Laser Surgery and Medicine, which are the world’s most prestigious scientific institutions in the field.

Particular attention to the relationship between laser and traditional therapies will be paid. Drugs and physical therapies may also have synergistic effects to those of the light, or opposite, or be indifferent . it is the task of the investigator to understand how to use these associations. Similarly , lasers are used in many surgical procedures , where they can be of the scalpel substitutes , or assist it , simplifying many interventions and ensuring a better result . Laser and light are then used together with drugs also in the diagnostic field , from the prevention of cancers up to the early diagnosis of many degenerative and metabolic diseases . Synergistic effects will ultimately be found with the association between laser and rehabilitative physical therapy , both in sporting performance in spinal and brain lesions post – trauma. A special area will be ‘ dedicated to the use of lasers in veterinary medicine , in particular non-surgical laser to the anti-inflammatory and analgesic therapies . The fact that these treatments are effective in animals is a confirmation of their validity on the same human diseases.

Laser Florence 2019 will cover these topics , in a scientifically correct way, without commercial and other constraints, under the aegis of IALMS , WFLMS and ISLSM .

All this will happen in a very friendly and constructive atmosphere , hoping to continue to acquire new data , immediately applicable to clinical practice .

As usual, best papers will be awarded and there will be some scholarships available for young researchers ; the conference abstracts will be published on the official newspaper of IALMS , Lasers in Medical Sciences (Springer Publishers) , while the Proceedings on peer  book Advance in Laserology.


Leonardo Longo
The I.A.L.M.S. President