Non ablative laser treatment of snoring

According to a research of the team of the Department of Surgery of the nursing home “La Cittadella” in Pavia, led by prof. Fabrizio Schenardi, whose results will be officially presented at the next Laser Florence Congress, scheduled for 5, 6 and 7 November at the Auditorium of St. Apollonia in Florence, the laser can be decisive in the treatment of snoring due to ptosis of the soft palate, determining an obstruction in the back of the oral cavity with consequent vibration noise on the base of the tongue to the air passage.

Assuming that at least 44% of the population suffers from snoring, which can result in sleep apnea (and mine as well as health also the quality of personal relationships), and that a substantial proportion of these cases are due to ptosis (or downward displacement) of the soft palate, research has tested the effectiveness of the laser in combating this disease.

The study, which involved 42 patients aged between 22 and 71 years, took LASEmaR 800 nm with optical fiber and a particular anatomical handpiece, applied along the length of the soft palate under local anesthesia in about 20 minutes; it is a non-ablative and outpatient surgery, it can be performed outside the operating room and no post-surgical complications.

The application of laser causes the disappearance of snoring, because it determines the immediate retraction of the entire treated fabric; a reaction similar to what is observed in the endoluminal laser treatment of saphenous varicose veins and perianal fistulas. The treatment consists of three applications during the period of 12 months. The annual follow-up indicates a percentage of positive cases of approximately 80%, with significant improvement of the living conditions of the patient and his family.