Laser Florence 2015: the year of the light, the progress of Laser

The latest important discoveries and the most interesting developments of the use of lasers in medicine will be the focus of the XXVIII edition of Laser Florence, International Congress of Laser Medicine to be held in Florence on 5, 6 and 7 November and that in this edition will reserve some important news.

More than half a century after the discovery of the laser, more than two hundred doctors, researchers and Scientists from around the world will gather at the Auditorium of St. Apollonia (via San Gallo 25 /a), in the heart of the historic center of Florence, and the presence of many of the most important pioneers global industry will present the updated review of the use of lasers in the field dermatological, neurological rehabilitation, dentistry, surgery and medicine aesthetic and from this year, for the first time, also in the veterinary.

Of particular interest will arise as more developments on the treatment program laser Spinal Injury Traumatic conducted by Professor Leonardo Longo and his team in Florence.

Also in the field of neurodegenerative diseases hope comes from its light seems in fact, the laser irradiation of certain regions of the brain is able to offer patients treated significant indications of improvement in cognitive function and personality, with a general improving the quality of life.

Next to sensitive issues such as this (and also as the one linked to the resolution of imperfections due to scarring particularly important or obvious), this year they have some special applications laser, such as the fight against snoring (one cause of divorce in America and a frequent source of relationship problems), urinary incontinence and acne.

They will also discuss research, discoveries and innovations of the leading luminaries laser medicine worldwide, which will complete the program of the conference, ranging across all sectors application.

The IALMS, founded in Florence in 2000, is chaired by prof. Leonardo Longo, MD specialist and professor in Laser Medicine and Surgery of the University of Biomedical of San Marino, and at various universities around the world and author of hundreds of scientific articles published in international scientific journals accredited.

Laser Florence has requested and obtained the support of the Ministry of Health and UNESCO, which has proclaimed 2015 the year of the light.

Just as representatives of UNESCO, at the gala dinner of the Congress scheduled for Saturday, November 7th at 21 at Villa Viviani, the soprano Katerina Mina sing the official anthem of the year of the light “Rainbow of Light”, accompanied by Linda Lemon, author of the song.