Laser Florence 2015

I.A.L.M.S – The International Academy Laser Medicine and Surgery

Laser Florence 2015

5-6-7th November 2015
Guidelines on laser medicine world

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Invitation to Laser Florence 2015


Laboratory research is essential for the progress of the science. On the other hand, all the research must be addressed versus the improvement of man health. Principal role of good multidisciplinary conference is to accelerate the translation from the laboratory bench to the bed side. Data must be  demonstrated, discussed and accepted, then translated in clinical practice, following guidelines of safety and efficacious.

The guidelines are important in each field of the science. Laser medicine and surgery requires  continuously new definition and adjournment of them.

Our Congress would like to offer a window on this topic, putting together experts of different disciplines who only have in common the use of the same technology.

The International Academy of Laser Medicine and Surgery are looking to develop these guidelines and propose their use, especially in the sectors where the laser is widely used: Biomudulation, Surgery, Diagnosis, Photodynamic effects and more.

The year 2015 is declared by the UNICEF “Year of the Light” and  IALMS World Congress Laser Florence will give his contribution for the development of this concept.

Scholarships are introduced in order to sponsor the participation of the most brilliant laser medicine expert under 40 y.o. from the five continents.

The leading international experts should compare their knowledge with the goal of establishing common rules and procedures for their respective specialties, from which sets of guidelines can evolve.

As always, one session will be dedicated to young researchers, in which the latest advances will be presented.

Another session is dedicated to discussion with patients already treated.

The IALMS ensure the high quality of the lectures and posters presented. The accepted abstracts will be published in the official journal of the IALMS, Laser in Medical Science, published by Springer Publisher, London. Selected papers from the Proceedings of the Conference will be published immediately after the event, both in hard copy and on line, in peer-reviewed journal Laser Therapy, and  in “Advance in Laserology” book, printed by Medimond publ.

With the backing of the WFSLMS – the World Federation of Societies for Laser Medicine and Surgery, the IALMS continue the proposal of an International Masters Course on Laser Medicine and Surgery, with a duration of 1 year. Laser Florence will represent an annual adjournment for the International Medical Laser Specialists. This year will be organized a brief Laser Safety International Course, one day before Congress, with the assignment of the ILLiS-The International Laser License System.

The Organizers of Laser Florence have one aim in particular: to establish an outstanding interaction between the delegates in a unique location and an unforgettable atmosphere where friendship, intelligence and scientific know-how are blended.

Several awards are available for the presenters of the best papers and posters and the recipients will be invited to participate in the next conference of Laser Florence.

Finally, some  grants will be assigned by the IALMS and other Institutions.

2015 is declared International Year of light  by the UNICEF and the United Nations.

We hope to give a little contribution with our Laser Florence!

See you there…

Leonardo Longo

The I.A.L.M.S. President

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