Translating research from the laboratory bench to the bed side

The role of Laser Florence congress in the world of laser medicine and surgery

Laboratory research is essential for the progress of the science. On the other hand, all the research must be addressed versus the improvement of man health. Principal role of good multidisciplinary conference is to accelerate the translation from the laboratory bench to the bed side. Data must be  demonstrated, discussed and accepted, then translated in clinical practice, following guidelines of safety and efficacious.
The guidelines are important in each field of the science. Laser medicine and surgery requires continuously new definition and adjournment of them.

Our Congress would like to offer a window on this topic, putting together experts of different disciplines who only have in common the use of the same technology.

The International Academy of Laser Medicine and Surgery World Congress aims to develop these guidelines and propose their use, especially in the sectors where the laser is widely used: Biomudulation, Surgery, Diagnosis, Photodynamic effects and more.

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Laser Florence 2015 – 28th Edition


The International Academy of Laser Medicine and Surgery World Congress will take place in Florence on 5-6-7th November 2015.

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Many participants attend the congress every year, coming from all over the World. Attendees from different cultures and nationalities have the unique chance to learn from each other and compare their knowledge on laser technology.

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Laser Florence welcomes companies who wish to exhibit at the meeting. State-of-the-art laser and medical instrumentation provided by exhibiting companies is used during the hands-on courses.

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